• Our Services

  • sd Public Health Engineering
    Consulting Services for Public Health Engineering, Sanitation and Storm Water Disposal

    - Complete Infrastructure and Land Development Designs.

    - Internal Toilet Layouts and Elevations

    - Water Storage Tanks Planning and Design

    - Rising Mains and Pumping Designs

    - Water Supply and Distribution Systems

    - Drainage and Sewage Disposal Systems

    - Rainwater Harvesting Systems Design

    - Fire Fighting Systems Design

    - City Sewerage Scheme Design

    - Waste Water Treatment Plants Design Supply and Execution

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  • sd Traffic and Transportation Engineering
    Traffic and Transportation Planning Services for Local Municipal Governments

    - Urban Transportation Planning

    - Urban Traffic Demand

    - Public Passenger Transport

    - Traffic Signal Optimization

    - Intersection Designing, Intersection Optimization.

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  • sd Traffic Engineering services for newly developing township projects

    - Internal Traffic Circulation

    - Geometric design of Internal Roads

    - Parking Lots and Parking Areas

    - Access to Major Streets from township

    - Internal Public and Shuttle Transport

    - Traffic Signs

    - Pedestrian and Bicycle Facility

    - Traffic Impact Studies

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  • Our Scope of Work for Plumbing and Sanitation Work

    - To calculate project water demand supported by calculations.

    - To locate and finalize UGWT position from client and architects.

    - To design and layout water distribution system from main UG reservoir to overhead tank showing line layout, pipe sizes and pumping system.

    - To design terrace ring for individual buildings.

    - To design downtake water lines from overhead tank to individual toilets.

    - To prepare internal layout of all toilets showing fixtures, supply lines and drainage lines for standard toilets.

    - To prepare detailed design drawing for under slung drainage piping below 1st slab level up to connection to U.G. drainage line

    - To prepare drainage line plan at ground level showing manholes, inspection chamber positions, ground level, invert level and depth of cutting.

    - To give detailed capacity drawings of under ground and overhead water supply tanks.

    - To design and locate terrace rainwater downtake lines

    - To calculate project water demand supported by calculations.

    - To prepare storm water disposal and rainwater harvesting system for entire project.

    - To design pump requirements and give pump specifications

  • Scope of Work for Fire Fighting Design System

    - To make provision of FF Static Water Storage in UGWT as per provisional NOC

    - To design wet riser, down-cumer as per provisional NOC and site condition

    - To locate and design Courtyard hydrants with hydrant ring.

    - To design sprinkler system for basement and parking as per provisional NOC, and Fire act as per requirement and discussion with client.

    - To prepare BoQ for inviting turnkey quotes from contractors.

    - To give inputs to architects at early stages for planning.

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